The following people must be thanked for their immense contribution and support throughout the journey of  “Essential Eating for Two”

  • The midwifery staff and fellow doctors of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department at the Townsville Hospital. You all made every work day pleasurable and fun, guided me through the obstacles as a junior doctor, and taught me many pearls of wisdom. Without these and your enthusiastic taste buds, this project would not have been possible.
  • All the acquaintances I have worked with over the past few years, from the dietetics department at Wesley Hospital, fellow medical school graduates, to residents and registrars at Townsville Hospital and Monash Medical Centre. Thankyou for listening to my occasional dietary rants, forgiving me when my mind is in blog mode, and for the support and encouragement.
  • Carita from Hoo Creative, Townsville for the design for the brochures. Thankyou for putting up with my lack of creative bones, and giving the brochures such flair.
  • My friends and family. You are my biggest supporters, pregnant or not, and the success of the site would not have been possible without you.
  • Fellow readers and followers. Without you this project would not have flourished.

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