Author Dr Jess McMicking is a trainee on the Royal Australian and New Zealand Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialist training program in Sydney. Prior to this she worked at the Monash Medical Centre in Melbourne, as well as the Townsville Base Hospital in northern Queensland which is in fact where the inspiration for “Essential Eating for Two” and its subsequent creation came to fruition.

Jess has completed both Bachelor of Health Science/Nutrition at Queensland University of Technology, as well as Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery at Griffith University. She has also attained her Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Upon creation of this little project, Jess admits to have truly found her niche through pairing her passion for obstetrics with dietetics to produce “Essential Eating for Two.”

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact Jess. Please either send an email or contact for a mailing address.



2 responses to “about

  1. Great website Jess, fantastic – I love that it is interactive & enthuiastic. Massive amount of work -do you ever sleep?
    As a midwife and birth cycle yoga teacher and facilitator, I think women would love to see a section on pre pregnancy nutrition recommendations and foods to avoid/be cautious with -eg avoiding Listeria, too much mercury, chemicals etc
    I am keenly awaiting quick links and would like to see Qld Govt Healthy Eating During Pregnancy there as this is used extensively by midwives and doctors
    I found the twins dietary guidelines confusing at first – eg didn’t seem to be enough serves of veges. When I cross referenced with Healthy Eating During Pregnancy I found serves were twice the size – solved the problem. It would be helpful if this was pointed out when using a variety of references. Maybe could have recommended serves for each of groups in initial section on pregnancy nutrition and refer viewers back to this

    Interestingly I received your website link from a retired business principles teacher friend whose passion is horses. And, I am so blessed that she forwarded it. I will do likewise


    • Thankyou very much Vicki for your kind words as well as very thoughtful recommendations. I will hopefully have the Quick Links section up and running by tomorrow!
      It has been fantastic to hear positive responses to this project; makes all the work all the more worthwhile.
      Thankyou again for your support and please send on any further questions or suggestions! I need more people like you!

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