diet and pregnancy

Welcome to Essential Eating for Two, a website created to assist pregnant mothers obtain optimal health throughout their pregnancy by addressing nutritional topics in obstetrics.

The diet of Australian pregnant women has been described as suboptimal. Many consuming less than half the recommended daily fruit and vegetable intake, and nutrient deficiencies such as folate and anaemia are common. In additional certain dietary conditions such as Gestational Diabetes and Hyperemesis can arise.

Your diet during pregnancy is extremely important as it not only has to sustain your energy and nutrient demands, but also facilitate the growth and development of your baby.

This site provides you with all the dietary information you require during your pregnancy, as well as preconception and breastfeeding periods. This includes the recommended nutrient requirements, conditions specific to pregnancy which you may face, and various other dietary topics including foodborne illnesses and twin pregnancy.

Essential Eating for Two wishes you all the best for your pregnancy and hopes that its content has inspired your diet in a very positive way.



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